Epidemic Flu Could Portend Flupocalypse on the Horizon

Epidemic and deadly flu is in the news. It is nicknamed,  Flupocalypse.  Not since the 2014-2015 flu season have we seen such widespread and serious flu conditions.  Flupocalypse sounds dramatic, but we won’t have the final numbers until March.

Flupocalypse paints a frightening picture of cultural devastation from disease. 2018 has a virulent flu strain. We have your vaccination waiting.
Flupocalypse:  Read Samantha’s Bad Dream Below. Little Flu Patient In a Very Scary Nightmare…

Caution!  This is not a fluffy little flu article to sell cough syrup and remind you to drink plenty of fluids.  This is a serious health warning, and the CDC has termed this year’s flu an epidemic.

More people are getting sick with the genuine flu than in the last three years. And the flu patients are more seriously ill.  additionally, they are more likely to slip into complications than in the previous three years.  This has prompted the mass media to term this year’s flu season, “Flupocalypse.”

Although this year’s flu is extremely serious, that combination of the word flu and the word apocalypse might be an overstatement.

However, we are dealing with a strong and deadly strain of the flu virus.  FLASS does not want to worry you unnecessarily, but January has brought FLASS (the Florida Lung, Asthma, and Sleep Specialists) to high alert status.

We know CDC does not use the term “epidemic” lightly  They have declared the current flu situation epidemic in nature.

Flupocalypse:  Hurting the Most Helpless During Epidemic Conditions

7-year-old Samantha woke up about 2:00 in the morning with screams of terror.  The crying was so intense it drew both parents to her bedside.  At first, they thought it must be a bad dream.  But very quickly they could see the little girl was also feverish.  And her light cough was much worse than it had been when she came home from school, listless and warm.

But the dream…what was that nightmare all about?  With a little coaxing and some sips of water, Samantha’s sobs quieted.  And bit by bit, she explained.  “I don’t wanna die, Mommy.”  Her Dad immediately expressed concern.  “Die, where did that come from?  Sam, you’re not going to die.  You might just have the flu.”

With that remark, Samantha indulged in more screaming, real tears,  Then, a fit of coughing ensued.

After calming her down, Samantha’s parents got the whole story and discovered their 7-year old knew more about the current flu epidemic than they did.

“Daddy, the man on the news said the flu kills kids.  It killed 20 kids already.  Now it’s after me,” she sobbed in a tiny voice.”

Flupocalypse and Your Child in 2018

Drama notwithstanding, Samantha’s statistic was correct.  Indeed this season’s flu has taken the lives of 20 children and teenagers up to this date.

The flu is worse, more widespread and more intense than it has been in 3 years— And we probably have 13 weeks to go before the epidemic is over.

Escalation is obvious.

“Flu rates were about doubled this past week over the week before,” the CDC said.”  You might have heard, the report stated that the flu is rampant in every state except Hawaii.

Bold CDC Facts:  Flupocalypse Without A Sugar Coating

Research is finding new ways to protect your lungs.
Sometimes Flu can kill. Protect your lungs by staying away from crowds and people you know have the flu.

Doctors have said, “Influenza is peaking at the same time across virtually the whole United States.  This makes for a “very active” flu season, the CDC said in its weekly update on the annual flu epidemic.

The 2017-2018 epidemic has been named cleverly, “Flupocalypse,” which combines the word “flu” and “apocalypse.”  As we stated above, whereas it is an especially serious flu season, this might be a media overstatement.

We certainly hope the flupocalypse refers to all the viruses who will die, not to lost cities of sick and panicked people.  Due to our excellent anti-viral medications and vaccines, we can fight off this epidemic.

And we know that the flu vaccines have reduced the seriousness of many cases.  Doctors and healthcare specialists at FLASS urge you to realize any flu epidemic can be dangerous to your health as well as to everyone around you.

“Flu is everywhere in the U.S. right now. There’s lots of flu in lots of places,” the CDC’s Dr. Daniel Jernigan told reporters.

Meanwhile, Back in Little Samantha’s Bad Dream…

Noting her child’s distress and dramatic paranoia, Mommy said, with tenderness,“No more television before bedtime for you, young lady.” She hugged the little girl. “Now you know that Daddy and I and the doctor will take care of you.  You are already taking good medicine.”

FLASS applauds this mother, who conscientiously made certain her daughter got her flu vaccine.

Prevention and Protection is Easier than the Being Sick During the Epidemic Flupocalypse

She added, “Do you remember, you had the shot, honey?  The next morning, Samantha’s pediatrician sent her to the hospital.  Since she was a very healthy, active child, he actually felt she would recover well.  However, he was worried about her young lungs.

Flu and complications from the flu, such as pneumonia, have taken a terrible toll on kids 6 months to 17 years in 2018.  The doctor wanted to watch her for complications.  She had taken her flu shot and a booster in the weeks prior to the outbreak of flu in her school.

By the time he put Samantha in the hospital, the little girl was too sick for the hysteria of the previous night. The physician cautiously reassured the two very alarmed parents.

Flupocalypse Traps Us At Home:  FLASS Home State Special Alert

In fact, there have been quite a few alarmed parents in Florida recently.  This week, many schools and childcare centers have closed to discourage the outbreak in some of the cities and towns in the US.  Here close to home, Saint Paul Catholic School in Lake County closed for a day on Jan.17.  This happened because officials said too many students and staff were ill with either the flu or flu-like symptoms.

Department of Health official Bill Toth said, “Health Department officials said they normally see 12 to 15 cases a week in the county, but last week they saw 70.”   He added, “When you get a group of people together that don’t have their immunity up or don’t have shots for whatever reason, but once it gets a foothold in that facility, then it takes off.”

Flupocalypse is over and patient sleeps and dreams of her angel.
A beautiful little girl fast asleep while an Angel looks on, symbol of vaccine protection from flu and anti-viral medicine. 

We Must Warn You About the Flupocalypse and Children

Yes, we know you have heard it previously, but FLASS joins the CDC in recommending that “children should be vaccinated every flu season for the best protection against flu.”  We warn parents that “For children who will need two doses of flu vaccine, the first dose should be given as early in the season as possible.”

We add that, according to the CDC, “For other children, it is good practice to get them vaccinated by the end of October, if possible.”

And we remind you that flu shots are better late than never.  As long as the viruses are circulating, the flu vaccine can give you or your child protection.

The little girl in this blog, Samantha thrives today.  She did not slip from flu into complications such as pneumonia.  Instead, she responded to anti-viral medication.  However other children have not been so fortunate.  It is scary to note that the 2014-2015 season — the one this season most closely resembles — killed 148 people.

And it is significant that 90 percent of the children who died had not taken their flu shots.  Was that percentage just a coincidence or was it a preview of 2018’s Flupocalypse?  Florida Lung, Asthma and Sleep Specialists remind you that it is not too late to protect your family.

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